Cleanse & Detox Handmade Soap Combo

Cleanse & Detox Handmade Soap Combo

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1 x Lemon Tea Tree Handmade Soap
1 x Peppermint Breeze Handmade Soap
1 x Olive & Mulberry Handmade Soap
1 x Chamomile Charm Handmade Soap

-Gentle cleansing
-Suitable for normal to oily skin
-Lovingly handmade with natural ingredients
-100% natural, skin- and eco-friendly
-Free from harsh chemicals, artificial coloring, and fragrance

Lemon Tea Tree Handmade Soap: Helps in fighting skin problems such as acne and dark spots, antibacterial and antiseptic.

Chamomile Charm Handmade Soap: Made with wild Spanish needle, a medicinal herb, which helps ease skin irritations & inflammations.

Olive & Mulberry Handmade Soap: Mulberry leaf is commonly used in traditional medicine to treat inflammation and acne. Bathing with mulberry leaf helps in skin rejuvenation and also reducing freckles and dark spots.

Peppermint Breeze Handmade Soap: Peppermint and Indian borage enhance the texture of oily skin as well as pimple prone skin and help brighten up dull skin.

All soaps from The Seeds Natural are lovingly handcrafted using the cold process method and they have a minimum curing period of two months. Handmade soaps get milder as they ripen with longer curing time, which is why our soaps are gentle and do not dry out the skin.