Organic Butterfly Pea Tea
Organic Butterfly Pea Tea

Organic Butterfly Pea Tea

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Butterfly Pea is also known as 'Bunga Telang’ in Malay.  In full bloom, the shape of the flower resembles a butterfly stretching out its wings. Its deep blue color is due to the high amount of phytochemical compound - anthocyanins, which has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties that helps in slowing the aging process, improving eyesight & night vision, strengthening immune system and also reducing the risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and urinary problems.

Tasting note: Mild earthy aroma with vivid blue color.

Brew time: Steep a few pieces of flowers with boiling water for 3 minutes and enjoy. Blends well with honey & lemon.

Ingredients: Organic Butterfly Pea Flower

Weight: 20g

Organically grown. No added chemicals & additives. No preservatives.