General Questions about The Seeds Natural Handmade Soap

1) What is cold process handmade soap?

Cold Process Soap is an ancient way of soap making. The soap is made by mixing oils with an alkali at temperature less than 40° C. This not only preserves the vitamins and nutrients, the glycerin produced after saponification also helps to moisturize and to keep the natural lipid barrier of our skin without drying it after cleansing.

2) Why use The Seeds Natural cold process handmade soap?

Common chemicals in commercial skin care products and their harmful effects:

The skin is our body's largest organ and it has the ability to absorb external substances that are applied to it. Our skin- and eco-friendly natural soaps are lovingly handmade from 100% plant-based ingredients and are free from harmful chemical additives, fragrances and artificial colouring. It is not only good for your skin but also good for the environment :)

3) How to choose handmade cold process soap?

Cold process natural soap contains high amount of glycerin, which is a natural skin moisturizer. Hence these soaps are often opaque, milky and non-transparent. Even though natural colourants are added to the soap, it won’t look very bright and colourful. Soaps with natural essential oils do not have very strong and tangy smell too, as they do not contain fixative or artificial scent like commercial soaps.

4) Which soap is suitable for my skin?

All our soaps are made from organic coconut oil, pure plant based oils, extract from fresh herbs or fruits and natural essential oil.  Every soap contains high amount of glycerin, thus it cleanses mild and gently without drying out your skin. The Seeds Natural handmade soaps are cured for a minimum of 4 weeks and usually more before delivering to our customers.

Below are our soap recommendations for different skin types (you may also try out different soaps as every skin reacts differently to different product ;) 

  •  For Normal skin: 

                 *you can practically use any kind of soap from The Seeds Natural :D

                  Lemon Tea Tree

                  Peppermint Breeze

                  Ruby Roselle

                 Organic Sea Salt Spa Bar

                  Milky Jasmine  

    •  For Oily/Acne-prone/Combination skin:

                      Lemon Tea Tree

                      Organic Sea Salt Spa Bar

                      Peppermint Breeze

    •  Dry/Allergic Skin:

                      Milky Jasmine

    5) How long can the soap last?

    Our hard soap bars can usually last for 3-6 weeks depending on your usage. The best way to prolong the lifespan of the soap is by:

    • Lathering the soap on your hand or bath sponge with a small amount of water before applying to your skin.
    • Keep the soap dry after usage by leaving it on a well-drained soap dish. Never leave it in a pool of water.
    • New unused soap should be store in a cool and dry place. Avoid contact with heat and sunlight.The soap can be kept for 1 year if properly stored.