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[Antiviral Combo] Cleanse & Refresh Essential Oils

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Introducing Peppermint, Eucalyptus Blue Gum and Lemon essential oils, purifying Clear and Refresh helps to relieve flu symptoms like runny or stuffy nose, sinuses congestion, headaches, sore throat, cleanse airborne infections and leave your senses feeling cleansed and cooling.  

Peppermint (Premium) Pure Essential Oil:

  • eliminates nausea & headache
  • effective against mental fatigue and restlessness

Eucalyptus Blue Gum Pure Essential Oil:

  • antibacterial, antiviral and decongestant 
  • relieve respiratory issues including cough, cold, nasal congestion, bronchitis, and sinusitis

Lemon Pure Essential Oil:

  • purifying and uplifting

Fresh Air Diffuser Blend:

3 drops Eucalyptus

3 drops Peppermint

3 drops Lemon

Product of Australia and ISO Certified

Volume: 3x10ml